The best ruins in Mexico that you must visit!

Mexico has the beautiful and majestic ruins to show you, and the people who visit Mexico get hooked by the majesty and the grandeur of those ruins. Even after so many years, these ruins add to Mexico’s beauty, and the people who take an interest in the architectural site they love to visit the ruins of Mexico. If you are also one of those people who want to enjoy the dignified places in Mexico, you must be looking for some recommendations that you visit. We are here for the history lovers who want to enjoy learning about historical civilizations by navigating through these ruins. Mexico is the best place to visit fantastic ruins.

Best Mayan ruins in Mexico:

Mayan ruins are the best known for their magisterial views and the solemnity. All those Mayan ruins give us a glimpse of ancient legacies that no more exist, but people still see its after-effects in the latest traditions and civilization. Mexico is also a combination of an old and new culture in which a few things have changed over time, but the essence is the same. If you want to explore more about Mayan cities in the past and their sculptures, you must not forget to add visiting the best ruins to see in Mayan. We will give you a list of some of the best Mayan ruins in Mexico, so whenever you are in Mexico, don’t forget to go and get hooked by their royalty. Let’s have a look!


The first spot of ruins that you must not forget to visit is Palenque ruins, the important administrative center of the Mayan empire. The location of Palenque is so grand. You will see the clear water lakes all around Palenque, and lush green woods surround the site. And the exotic wildlife gives this place a magical look. When you go there, everything feels imaginary because the whole scene and views there are quite fantastic. So, when you are in Mexico, you must add it to your must-visit places.

Chichen Itza:

Another majestic Mayan ruin that you can enjoy in Mexico is Chichen Itza. It is the most magical place that you must visit in Mexico. Chichen Itza is Mexico’s city that has been the best combinational blend of Mayan and Toltec cultures. It has many temples and palaces that tell us about the cultures that resided in Chichen Itza. If you plan a visit to Mexico, we strongly suggest you not forget to visit this outstandingly beautiful place. Kukulkan Pyramid, the wonder of the world, is also present here in Chichen Itza. This pyramid is considered the most incredible and unique ancient structure that you can ever visit. So, whenever you are in Mexico, you must visit Chichen Itza, one of the best Mayan ruins in Mexico.

Uxmal: One of the best ruins in Mexico!

Let’s move on to another one from the list of the best Mayan ruins in Mexico, and we have Uxmal on the list. You might haven’t heard it before that Uxmal is the world heritage site, and it was made in 600AD. It is another spectacular site in Mexico that you must not forget to visit. The myth behind that construction of this Mayan city is that it was built in just one night. It has a more significant part in the dwarf-wizard story. People also called it the “invisible city” in ancient times. Altogether it is the breathtaking site that you must visit once in your life.

Best ruins in Mexico to see:


Yaxchilan is a handsome addition to the list of the best ruins to see in Mexico. Surrounded by the green woody jungles, it presents a mesmerizing sight for the visitors. It is present on the bank of the Usumacinta River. Although most people don’t know about this area yet, it is one of the best ruins to see in Mexico. It is a site where most people don’t visit because it is more abandoned than some other ruins in Mexico, yet it is a fantastic place to visit. There are many myths about this place. Along with detailed facades, 120 carvings, stones, lintels, and much more is present there that you have to explore by visiting this ruin. So, whenever you are in Mexico, don’t forget to visit this masterpiece from the list of best ruins in Mexico.


One of my personal favorite Mexico ruins is Tulum. The best thing about Tulum is that it is present on a cliff near the Caribbean sea, which makes it even more beautiful and breathtaking. This city is so lovely to see when the waves hit this city’s walls, and it produces a soothing sound. Eight meters thick and five-meter high wall surrounds this city and makes it secure to live. Tulum is the largest and the last Mayan city that ever existed. Because Tulum is near the sea so It was the major port of Mayan. And most of the trade of Mayan was made through this port. When you are in Mexico, you must not forget to visit one of the best Mayan ruins in Mexico.


Another option to visit the best ruins to see in Mexico is Calakmul. It is located on a mountain, and it is a rich architecture place that you must visit. This city remained for 12 centuries straight, which is the most prolonged duration that any Mayan city ever existed for. Lush green trees surround this site and make it even more magical. If you think of visiting Calakmul in Mexico, you must reserve the whole day to explore the entire place thoroughly. This ancient ruin will blow your mind with the fantastic architecture and its civilization.

You would be mesmerized by the water channel system of Calakmul because it was so smooth and excellent. Overall, the residential and commercial structures are so elegant that most of the architects from all over the world get inspiration from Calakmul. There are so many other reasons to add Calakmul in the list of the best Mayan ruins to see in Mexico, but you have to explore them on your own. Do visit it when you visit Mexico.


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