Is the Metro easy to use in Paris?


You are on vacation in Paris, you should not rush. So, you can stay out of the crowd by waiting for the next metro. Do not display your valuables. It’s better to use your cell phone in a safe place than everyone’s entrance. Remove jewelry before traveling. Absolutely not, put it in the metro, however, keep it back while you go to the opera.

Now that you know these strategies don’t give pickpockets what they want. They seek simple objectives. So, since you have to steal quickly and without problems, you can be sure that you are smarter than the general traveler. Most teens under the age of 15 are pickpockets who work for their mom and dad. Why? As a result of being caught by the police, the police cannot do anything with them as they are below the age limit. So mainly they are not a threat.

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Walking is the most beautiful technology to discover in Paris. However, for longer trips, the Metropolitan de Paris is the most popular mode of transportation. With 14 tracks, 380 stations and 211 km or more than 131 miles, the Paris Metro is the second largest metro system in Europe and integrates with the passenger train community without RER. Meter. Although the Paris Metro is one of the oldest subways on Earth (it opened in 1900), it is comparable to its new counterparts in various cities. Vehicle style and clarity, less waiting time between trains, less crime except for pickpockets, you will not find a quick way to get around Paris.

The Paris Metro schedule is approximately from Sunday to Thursday from 05:30 to 00:40 (5:30 to 12:40) and on Fridays, Saturdays and 05:30 to 01:40 before holidays. . Events on the Paris Metro between trains vary from a maximum of 2 minutes to 13pm, depending on the Metro route and the Metro station on holidays and Sundays. For example, Metro 1 line time between trains varies from 2 minutes in the morning / evening to 5 minutes after midnight (Metro Line 1 is most likely the Central Paris Metro line and is popular). At the outer edge of Metro Line 13, which is divided into two separate lines in the suburbs, each train can run every 13 minutes by night train. Practice service frequency. In general, count 8-10 minutes between night training sessions and 2 to 4 minutes at peak hours.

Get a Paris Metro schedule by displaying the first and last Paris Metro train. Paris Metro times vary slightly from one year to the next, and RATP stopped producing this full schedule in 2013, so this Metro Paris Opportunity Schedule is still useful for finding start times and schedules. Closure of the Paris Metro. Opportunities are near! This includes the first training / final training sessions for RER A (Disneyland) and RER B (Airport).

How to pay for a metro in Paris?

Major tickets on the Paris Metro are often referred to as “Ticket T +”. These tickets are legal for a single stationary ride of any size across the Metro system and make changes to various sections of the Metro and RER intercity trains within Zone 1. These tickets are available as one-way fares or if you need a return ticket, purchase two Metro tickets. Paris Metro tickets do not expire; You should use them sooner or later at any time. Tickets can be purchased at ticket counters at train stations or at automatic ticket machines that accept Euro Cash and good chip bank cards. The only ticket valid from November 1, 2019 is $ 1.90.

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