6 things to keep in mind before you Book an International Trip during the Pandemic

The COVID-19 has brought the world to a halt. It has restricted people’s movement from one place to another. Many countries have placed a ban on travel to the country or abroad. However, countries are gradually opening up now. So if you are planning a trip or vacation, keep things like travel recommendations, travel requirements, booking a vacation, and ban on international travel in mind before booking a trip.

1. Check Travel Recommendations

The U.S. State Department has finally lifted the ban on international travel. Which was imposed in March due to COVID-19. But it still has “reconsider travel” and “do not travel” alerts for money countries. Moreover, the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention still consider most of the countries risky for travel.

It also recommends against non-essential travel i.e. vacations. For specific country recommendations related to the virus, make sure to check travel.state.gov. The website also includes notes of any rise in corona cases.

2. Fulfill Travel Requirements

Before you book an international trip, make sure you have all the necessary documents that are required by the country you are visiting. In many countries, visitors have to follow health and safety protocols.

For example, you need to have health screenings forms, negative COVID-19 test and other documentation. If you don’t have such documents, you may be denied entry to the country or asked to quarantine yourself for a specific period.

Furthermore, educate yourself about the SOPs and any travel restrictions within the country.

3. Beware of Latest Restrictions

During the pandemic, the requirements and restrictions of traveling are changing rapidly. With a spike in COVID-19 cases in the US and other parts of the world, many counties have tightened entry requirements.

Make sure you check hotel, airline, tourism board and travel websites for the latest information. Kayak, a travel search site, keeps an updated list of travel restrictions by country. Check this site regularly, and also sign up for alerts about changes.

4. Research Before Booking a Vacation

Due to COVID-19, many places are not open for public. For example, in Las Vegas, many restaurants, hotels, attractions, and bars are closed because of uncertain demands and capacity limits.

Some places may require strict safety protocols like social distancing and reduced hours. Therefore, it is pertinent to do a thorough research, before you book a flight or vacation. So that you don’t regret visiting your favourite destination.

5. Take Note of Refund Policies

When you are booking a flight or vacation, take note of refund policies and rental cancellation. It is necessary to know about your financial risks associated with cancelling or changing the trip.

Many airlines may not give cash refund on refundable tickets, even if the destination is closing to U.S. citizens. Make sure you are aware of such policies so that you don’t lose your money on a cancelled trip.

6. Check Your State’s Quarantines

When you return home after a visit, check for any quarantines in your state. Many destinations which have rising COVID-19 cases are added to a quarantine list.

So, when people return from such destinations, they are quarantined in their respective states. Although, the quarantine list is now mostly limited to places within the U.S., New York & Chicago have placed Puerto Rico in its quarantine list.


In conclusion, make sure you keep all the things like travel recommendations, travel requirements, booking a vacation, and ban on international travel in mind before booking a trip. This will help you save money and time, and make your trip easy.

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