What is Prague famous for?


Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic and is located in Central Europe. This small nation became a member of the European Union in 1994 and is located between Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Austria. The city is the 14th largest capital in the European Union and is located on the Vlatva river.

For a few years, I really helped go to Prague. When deciding on a location for a short capital getaway, I was constantly asked, “Is there a preview price?” However, I never went looking. I don’t know the reason for that. After returning to work for the BBC World Service in the 1990s, I was fortunate to work with several Czech colleagues. He advised me how difficult the city is. Over the years, various households and associates have become increasingly angry about the capital. So this year Olivier and I went for a weekend break in Prague before our wedding.

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After being in the city recently, I can assure you that Prague is worth visiting. It is a relatively small metropolis, making it good for a weekend and most of Prague will be on foot. Walking saves money, keeps you in shape and offers you the perfect option to appreciate and enjoy beautiful buildings. Prague is a meticulous metropolis with one thing for everyone, plus the food is as good as the beer!

Prague is a compact capital that takes a short break. You can see the entire metropolis on foot or outside the public transport service. Due to our special nature, the city was very crowded on the weekends, so if you can take a short break during the week, the city is also quiet. Perhaps. Weekends can be hectic as Prague can be a favorite spot for chickens and stagnation. If you are planning a weekend getaway and it is worth sleeping in, you may want to avoid staying at the Mesto Staircase, the geographical center of the old city district and Prague (Prague 1). Alternatively, you can think about staying in the space behind the Wenceslas guy. (Vinohradi = Prag 2) or Letna and Holosovis on the opposite side of the river (Prag 7).

We are surprised by the low cost of public transport in Prague. The easiest way to get to the center from Volkov Havel Airport in Prague is to buy a ticket for 24 legitimate CZK (Czech system) from the bus, metro and tram system. The ticket price is approximately 1 euro! For those who decide to take a taxi from the airport to Prague, get a quote first, however it can give you a value of 20-30 euros.

When you buy your public transport ticket, you must take a bus to one of the Victoria Subways in the metropolis. There are two bus lines (sizes 119 and 100) and they are clearly marked at the airport. We took the size 119 bus that connects to the subway line with no experience. Get off the bus at the last stop if it is Nadrazi Welslavin and change to the metro line inexperienced. This line really helps if you are staying in the capital. The bus route is connected to Silsin on line 100 Yellow Metro. You will reach the city center, however it will take you about 30 minutes. Note that the Metro Preg stops after midnight.

The price of public transport in Prague is a full day crossing for 100 CZK (approximately four euros) and allows you to get on and off buses, trams and subways as you wish. You can pay for public transport tickets using your debit or bank card at the vending machines. Prague is a safe place as long as you use your broad sense. Of course, you stay in a capital city and, like some capitals, you have to control your personal things. This is especially true when you are in a crowded area, which is a magnet for many tourists! Avoid charging at the airport or withdrawing money from ATMs in Prague, as you may be charged a hefty fee and an unfavorable exchange fee!

Prague is a great place to discover and revitalize completely different architectural genres: gog, baroque, art nouveau, and cubism. For me, walking around Prague is like navigating a fairy tale. The ornate painted houses instantly captivated me from the point of view with the medieval Gothic buildings. Prague is named “hundreds of metropolises”, so wherever you are, don’t take advantage of the beautiful silhouette of the Prague sky above you.

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