Where are the Andes Mountains located?

Andes Mountains

Andes Mountains

Not all monuments near the main reserve are Andes Mountains for untrained climbers. This cemetery is a testament to the unexpected potential of high places. Chimborazo can be very heavy. Random giant rocks or glacial elements fall on you and you have a climate that suits you for minutes. By the time we get to the second shelter, the rock and ice element above us will have collapsed.

The “Edward Vimper Shelter” is a comfortable, unheated cabin with 16,000 fingers. It is named after an English climber who first came to the top of the mountain. It is not completely hot. When someone appears to be carrying firewood up to 5,000 meters, the temperature in the house can rise by three levels.

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We drank “Mate de Coca” tea made from coca leaves. It is also another product that is taken through the nose. It seemed to help. We climbed the mountain for a short time, which was the full amount of my familiarity. Paco cooked one thing, and after consuming it I slept for at least an hour before starting to wake up at eleven at night.

Why are the Andes mountains important?

Mount Chimborazo is located 160 miles [160 km] south of the Ecuadorian equator. At its peak, it is the highest level from the center of our planet. Mount Chimorozo is rising to the equator, making it more marketable than climbing Everest. It is the closest level to solar energy on Earth and the coldest place in Ecuador.

Paco, my information, woke me up at ten o’clock at night. When he saw my sleeping bag, which was smaller than a football, he was furious and weighed a pound. My 13 ounce frameless backpack didn’t seem to impress either of them. However, even though it was at a lower level than freezing inside the cabin, as he mentioned, he kept it warm, as I mentioned.

Paco did not speak an English sentence and I was just learning the language of spa learning. We had some communication problems because our whole team consisted of him and me. For example, I assumed that the “night” in the cabin (a few hours) was included in the $ 130 charge. He thought he was a climber.

In fact, I practiced with a crack and ice ax on a mountain near my house. As I lifted forty fingers, people ran down their slope.

I think Paco told me he didn’t like the paper raincoat he used to wear as a shell. He looked at my ounce ski mask. When he saw my insulation jacket on a piece of polyethylene with a lower headroom, I pretended not to hear what he was saying.

I did not deliberately board the Chimborazo with such a light group, however, I arrived in Ecuador on a courier flight and will only carry handbags. For starters, I only had 12kg of the elephant herd, so when I put on all my clothes that night, the load on me again was irrelevant. However, my body weight was not like that. Paco wanted to convince me to climb that mountain.

What was the equator like during the Ice Age?

Starts near the glacier cabin. The climb quickly became a climb. I am wearing cracks for the second time in my life. Considered one of my most leisurely activities of all time “too much”, Paco Spa, in Spanish, was invisible to me), I noticed that the thermometer he was carrying had dropped to 5 degrees Fahrenheit. Although I’m not cold, I’m tired at times after I’ve settled down. However, once I sat down I felt like I could run down that mountain.

We fight on the ice (okay, I fought), climbing, climbing, jumping over cracks, until I stop 20,000 fingers. I also stopped 19,000 fingers and 18,000 fingers. It had become my habit to quit smoking. Mendacity has become Paco, so he informed me directly that the summit had increased by just fifty fingers. Maybe I need to consider it, or maybe the lack of oxygen is confusing my mind. Anyway I started climbing the ice again.

We ran to the convention at sunrise. Or relatively I gave up. Paco appeared to be significantly weaker at the lodge and had 20,600 fingers. Dirtbag Joe, a nineteen-year-old California boy with ten dollars in his pocket, borrowed tools and prepared my Raman noodles in my stomach with a smile.

The sky was bright blue and never looked low. Kotapaksi, a snow-capped volcano to the north, was clearly visible between 70 and 80 miles away. Chimborazo’s shadow fell forty miles to the west. I have never seen anything like it better.

Always shaking hands, it’s time to get off the mountain. When he woke up he told him that you should not be on Mount Chimborazo. Wake up at 9am.

Paco looked at his watch and told me to hurry. More was obtained later. Will he leave me? At 9 a.m., as he was grabbing me as far as he could in the cabinet, I heard the sun begin to fall from the ice on top of the rocks as it warmed up. Now I understand. Of course, we wanted to go to the lodge at 9 p.m. My trembling knees were like luck a thousand drops – a photo My trip to the Andes Mountains was over.

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